Reykjavik and surrounding area

Reykjavik offers the best of both worlds for those who love cities: it´s big enough to offer a variety of entertainment, yet small enough to cover by foot in safety surrounded by majestic mountains and pristine waters. In the summer the sun or the light from it bathes the island for 24 glorious hours, in the winter Reykjavik gets three hours of daylight, the sun never making it much above the horizon. Reykjavik has become its own revered city in the past few decades with the best party nightlife, dancing, bars and clubs. In music, and in rock in particular, the all-consuming energy of Reykjavik and Iceland is most tangible. Several music festivals take place every year in Reykjavik, including the four day Iceland Airwaves in, Culture Night, and the Reykjavik Arts Festival. A visit to a restuarant offering  fine cuisine or a simpler fare at the countless coffee bars in Reykjavik will complete the trip. 

Kopavogur is home to the biggest mall in Iceland and Hafnarfjordur offers visitors a variety of activities such as whale watching and horse back riding.

Hotels in Iceland

Geothermal Swimming pools

There is a great number of high quality swimming pools in Iceland, mostly due to the wealth of geothermal heat. Most of the pools not located in geothermal areas are indoors. The number of open air pools is far greater and those can be found all over the country.  They are open year-round, regardless of weather.

Iceland Top Places to visit

A list of the most interesting places in Iceland to visit. Iceland's main attraction is its nature

The Geysers

The Great Geyser is considered one of the greatest natural attraction in Iceland. In the 19th century the Geyser would shoot up 80-meters in the air, but today it has to be triggered by man.  It used to erupt every 60 minutes until the early 1900s when it became dormant.